Princess Elettra's message
pricipessa Elettra

Dear Italian friends in America and in the world

In memory of my father, Guglielmo Marconi, who traveled and worked widely in the USA where he set up his radio stations, I am asking you for your support for the initiative described in these pages. Restoring my father's house in Bologna, where he felt most at home, will not only be a way for us all to hold his memory dear over the years and furthermore be a sign of your great generosity, but will also act as a stimulus for new generations to follow his example in the development of the science and technology of information. I would very much like to thank the Galileo Foundation Legacy in Boston which has allowed me to turn to you for this initiative. I will always be grateful to you. I would love to have the opportunity of welcoming you personally at Palazzo Marconi, where you will see your names on a special plaque. You would also be able to witness how the Marconi Center is linked up to other centers around the world and the benefits that your generous donation has had on all visitors - students, researchers, and other Marconi fans. Thank you once again.

Elettra Marconi

Bologna, 16 Ottobre 2006