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Marconi Interactive Center

MIC Requirements for Excellence

Excellence is no self-given attribute, but a status that is gained in time by appropriate investment, administration and management, criteria for choosing human resource (administrators, collaborators, staff, managers, publicists, educators, scientists) and infrastructure.

An excellence status may be though of being reached by the MIC when the following conditions occur:

*  Scholars, educators and scientists from all over the world wish to visit the Marconi Interactive Center not just for their salary or for the attractiveness of the venue, but especially because they find in the Center new ideas and the opportunity to increase their own experience and culture by interacting with other scholars of the same or a different discipline; and because 1) they have the opportunity and the means to transfer, to the community connected to the Center, the benefits of their competence, culture, experience; 2) their ideas are in turn stimulated by that community.

*  Students will find in the MIC not only an excitingly competitive, challenging environment, but also a platform bridging to other sites, contacts, ideas, experiences. They will be using the same kind of innovative methods and tools they are studying about and will have a role in their implementation as well.

*  People in charge of public and private institutions will see in the MIC an attractive hosting site for the quality of its infrastructure and for its continuous availability of multi-level and multi-directional interactions with both their peers and the people their organisms are intended to provide service to.

The Galilean Moons
galilean moons

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