(A Galileo Legacy Foundation initiative)

In the historical centre of beautiful Bologna, near the two leaning Towers, an ancient, fine palace looks out on the narrow, bustling with people and vehicles, side-arched Via San Vitale. This stunning, fresco-decorated building, the mansion of noble Bolognese families since the 15th century, was chosen in the early 1900s by Guglielmo Marconi as his most favorite dwelling.

Guglielmo Marconi entrusted the palace to his brother Alfonso, to keep it for his beloved daughter, Elettra.

Now Elettra Marconi wants to preserve the palace, all 10,000 square meters of it, from being taken apart and converted into shops and offices. The great scientist's memories would be lost (such a conversion would be necessary to deal with the expenses due to structural consolidation work that can no longer be postponed). Princess Elettra Marconi has  financially supported an excellent - and in many aspects innovative - work for the restoration of the artistic façade, but the rework for the whole Palace, which is under the supervision of the "Soprintendenza per i beni artistici e storici", needs much more financial effort (See photos).

Then, with the purpose of preserving the integrity of the Palace, Princess Elettra is also promoting an initiative aimed at constituting, in the Palace, an International Centre that will carry on the purpose of facilitating the peaceful and fruitful communication among peoples worldwide, in the spirit and in the name of Guglielmo Marconi. The Centre, called Marconi Interactive Centre, will be hosting social, educational, scientifical and hi-tech-promotional programmes and projects, fostering the exchange of students and scholars. The Centre will be interacting with the local environment and with other Centres pursuing the same goals.

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•  You can help in this initiative and have a concrete benefit in return!


•  The Galileo Legacy Foundation (a Massachusetts-resident, non-profit Institution, created in 2001 and registered in Boston), which ran the Marconi centennial initiatives in New England in 2002-2003, is promoting and managing this fund-collecting campaign. The Foundation will be providing that:

  • Perennial memory of the donors will be assured, by reserving a dedicated room in the restored Palace, open to the public, which will contain the contributors names, engraved on wall, floor, or ceiling tiles. 
  • Each donor will receive the book "Marconi my beloved" along with a personal dedication signed by Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the inventor of the radio.

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  • As the Galileo Legacy Foundation is a registered, non-profit organism, you can get tax-deduction on your offer!
  • You will be helping in the preservation of the memories and legacy of a great Italian scientist who has changed for good the life of all humankind. In your future trips to Italy, you will not forget to visit the Marconi Palace in Bologna!
  • The restored Palace will be hosting the start-up of another Galileo Legacy Foundation initiative: the Centre for the promotion of young researchers' exchange between the best International Universities and Centres to work in innovative solutions for TLC: all in the name of Guglielmo Marconi. Your contribution would finance feasibility studies for proposing public research grants. All this will be documented in the Galileo Legacy Foundation website.

    See a message from Princess Elettra Marconi