Galileo Legacy Foundation

Promoting peaceful science initiatives across Countries


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The Mission of the Galileo Legacy Foundation:

promoting and funding:

•  publication of pamphlets, books and films dealing with historical personages such as Galileo Galilei, Alessandro Volta, Guglielmo Marconi, Giuseppe Verdi and all the illustrious Italians who have contributed to the progress of humanity
•  education and training initiatives, empowered by the use of advanced e-learning methods and tools
•  projects of international cooperation in advanced telecommunication technology, utilizing such features (integrated in the various Internet system networks throughout the world) as:
•  innovative human interfacing
•  sensory immersion
•  security mechanisms
•  virtual-reality / augmented-reality features

Inspiring and increasing:

the awareness of the various ethnic communities of living together in peace and harmony through getting to know their diverse cultural, philosophical and historical roots which have borne successful results in:
•  science and technology
•  fine arts
•  political heritage

Therefore the duty of the Foundation is:

  • To promote publications, experiments, joint projects, exchange of experiences and utilization of any other initiative to improve and augment the communications methods already referred to in order to facilitate their wider use worldwide.
  • To create events and corporations which will serve as models to demonstrate the utilization of the new methods for achieving the stated goals.
  • To organize exhibitions and prizes for the public with the goal in mind to publish openly and widely the results, the events and the means used for their achievement.

The strategy of utilizing innovative, peaceful technologies as a basic means of achieving our goals is based on the conviction that human interfacing with information systems of the near future will improve the system whereby the public can put itself in cooperative contact with its own as other societies.
The Galileo Legacy Foundation shall cooperate with the national and international institutions and shall administer the monetary funds of its directors, advisor and donors.

The Galilean Moons
galilean moons

Sponsored by: - Q_move s.r.l. and  Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo - New England

Acknowledgements: Rotary Club & Associazione "Pacinotti" - Pisa, Italy
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