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e-Learning Italian
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Learning the Italian language with Automated Teaching Assistant

A web-and-classroom integrated Course

Organized by:
The Galileo Legacy Foundation, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts)
The Dante University of America Foundation, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts)

with the scientific collaboration of:
ISTI-CNR, Institute of the National Research Council of Italy (Pisa, Italy)

The proposers have applied for funding a project initiative to realize an Information System Product to be used for designing and implementing e-learning applications. In particular, the project is aimed at developing both the Product itself and the Product specialization to develop and run a Course for teaching the Italian-language.

The main requirements specifications of the Product are high hardware availability/portability and system usability for students, teachers and managers. A distinguishing Product feature is also high automation in: i) enrolling in a course, ii) learning by interactively accessing multi-media material, iii) self-testing, iv) level grading. Another feature is re-usability and upgrading of course components. All these requirements are proven as feasible at the current state of the art.

Although the Product is normally operated in automated mode, requirements also include functions that allow human teachers and tutors to interact with the Course elements, to monitor the progress of the students (from global statistics to single cases) and to intervene in question answering, special issues dealing and problem solving.

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Sponsored by: - Q_move s.r.l. and  Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo - New England

Acknowledgements: Rotary Club & Associazione "Pacinotti" - Pisa, Italy
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